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problems after changing hard drive

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problems after changing hard drive

hi forum


i have an problem with an hard drive in my server.

it is an ml350 g5 with an p400 controller.

there are two raids installed - on raid 1 an one raid5 with an spare disk


one of the disks in the raid5 (an GB0750C8047 with 750 gb) is broken so that the spare is used.

i bought now an 454146-B21BR with 1tb and replaced the drive.


now i get error messages:


cciss_vol_status /dev/cciss/c0d0

/dev/cciss/c0d0: (Smart Array P400) RAID 1 Volume 0 status: OK. 
/dev/cciss/c0d0: (Smart Array P400) RAID 5 Volume 1 status: OK.   At least one spare drive designated.  At least one activated on-line spare drive is completely rebuilt on this logical drive.  At least one spare drive activated.

  Failed drives:
         connector 1I box 1 bay 3                                                                    INQUIRY FAILED         

  Drives currently substituted for by spares:
         connector 2I box 1 bay 6                 ATA     GB0750C8047                          9QK19B3J             HPG6    

    Total of 1 failed physical drives detected on this logical drive.




=> ctrl slot=4 pd 1I:1:3 show detail

Smart Array P400 in Slot 4

   array B

      physicaldrive 1I:1:3
         Port: 1I
         Box: 1
         Bay: 3
         Status: Failed
         Last Failure Reason: Not ready bad sense
         Drive Type: Data Drive
         Interface Type: SATA
         Size: 0 MB
         Serial Number: INQUIRY FAILED
         SATA NCQ Capable: False
         PHY Count: 1
         PHY Transfer Rate: 1.5Gbps


does it mean that the new drive isn't ok?

or is it my fault?


what can i do now?




Re: problems after changing hard drive

please attach a adu report.
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Re: problems after changing hard drive

hi erdogan

 i used the version 9.40 of the utility.

hope this is the newest.


and here is the attachment



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Re: problems after changing hard drive



is the report so awful?

Is ther no hope for me?


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Re: problems after changing hard drive

It sure looks like the P400 is reporting that it doesn't see any drive installed in bay 3 at all. I 'm assuming this was a brand new drive and you can see the HP sticker on the drive itself?

If you have another HP server with an empty drive bay, you might try installing the drive in there temporarily just to see if it's recognized. Otherwise, try removing and re-inserting that new drive. Pay attention as you plug it in to see if any LED's light up, whether you can see, hear or feel it spinning.

In fact, when you remove it to re-insert it, hold it to see if you can still feel the platters coming to a stop.

All of that might let you know whether the drive bay itself is the problem. I've had that happen several times unfortunately, and it's frustrating because you might think you have bad drives but it's the bay. It's not common, but it does happen.

Otherwise, if you try the drive again or in another system and it's still not recognized, you should return it for a replacement. The ADU shows it's not recognizing the drive at all... no model or serial # info, "bad sense", but you can see that the cached values for that bay show the info on the old drive that used to be there. So it seems like the bay is probably okay and it's just a bad drive or it was inserted funny.

By the way, you can see why the old drive failed... 4 hard write errors and 9 hard read errors, plus 15 "not ready failures".