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proliant 150 ml g3 raid issue

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proliant 150 ml g3 raid issue


i have a server that have the standart raid controller (adaptec driver)
i have a mirror raid that system is installed on

it shows me raid status "degraded"
but both drives it's says "healthy"

how can i fix that ? why is it degraded ?

btw is there a way to view the raid through windows 2003 ? i don't want to restart the server every time i want to view the raid status

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Re: proliant 150 ml g3 raid issue

hi Doom best to do this and find the issue

)for all DL/ML 100 series servers * Upgrade the firmware first then the drivers.

1)To find the firmwares & drivers
- Go to â Hp.comâ
- Click on â Software & Driver downloadsâ Note ITS Usually at bottom right of page

- Enter server name and generation into the "for product" search field, For
example "DL145 G2", and press the enter. (Note the space used before G2)
- Select OS

2) nOW The steps below can only be performed if the server is powering on. If not then please try with minimum hardware configuration clear nv ram this is the maintenance switch shown the cover of the server you take off.

)TO Perform the offline diagnostics test.

Download the tool:
HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition performs various in-depth system and component testing while the operating system is not running, and is available by booting the Diagnostics CD. This can be downloaded from the following link.

nOW Save the System Survey report with â View Levelâ = Advanced and Category = ALL.

This is how we thank each other in the forum


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Re: proliant 150 ml g3 raid issue


about the last question
is there a way to view the raid online through windows ?