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proliant 1600 NIC card not recognized after upgrade

sumer mathur
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proliant 1600 NIC card not recognized after upgrade

when I upgraded to windows2003 it does not recognize the network card.
HP drivers site link for windows 2000 drivers does not work either I am in a mess Any ideas?
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Re: proliant 1600 NIC card not recognized after upgrade

Here is a link to the Win2003 PSP:
This contains all of the drivers you will need for the server.
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Re: proliant 1600 NIC card not recognized after upgrade


Unfortunately the new PSP 7.0 and beyond do not support the older Netflex 3/Netelligent cards so you won't find the driver there.

Also when you run the Windows 2000 driver kit directly it will refuse to install in Windows 2003 as it checks the O/S version.

Here is how to fix this for Windows 2003

If you have not already done so, download the Netflex 3/Netelligent Windows 2000 driver kit from the link below (CP003318.EXE).

Run this under Windows 2003 but select the EXTRACT button and extract the files to a folder on the server, e.g. C:\NETFLEX.

Now right click on My Computer and select Manage. Open the device manager and run a "Scan for new hardware" or update the driver for the NIC if it shows in the "Others" section. Point it to the C:\NETFLEX folder (or wherever you extracted to earlier) and it will load the driver. You will get a message about the driver not being Microsoft signed for 2003 but just select "Continue Anyway" and the driver will load just fine.

It calls the embedded NIC a "Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP/AUI controller".
I have this same driver loaded on my Proliant 1600 running Windows 2003 and it works great. See the attached screen shot from device manager on my system which has the embedded NIC and an additional one installed.

I hope this helps,