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proliant 1600 crash

Jeff Bilquist
Occasional Advisor

proliant 1600 crash

I have a Proliant 1600 that was running fine until yesterday. No error messages or system issues at all. When it disappeared from the network, I found it 'half-rebooted' asking for F1 or F10 to continue. If I F1, it sits for a while and says 'non bootable disk - press any key to continue. No Good! If I press F10, I receive any number of POST error messages.

172 - Non-Volatile memory invalid
1783 - Slot 4 controller failure
1794 - Battery Low

Slot 4 is my 3200 Array Controller. I also get SCSI failure on ID 6. I 'tried' to run the SmartStart utility hoping it would either fix the controller or give me more details. I get to the point (each time) where the screen says 'loading plug&play boards - please wait'. I've let it run for over an hour twice. My repair experience is mostly desktops, so I'm stumped. Can anyone tell me what needs replaced or updated?
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Mike Bollman_1
Respected Contributor

Re: proliant 1600 crash

I would try to re-seat or move the controller (3200) to another PCI slot first. I'm guessing the cache module on the array controller is toast or the controller (3200) is dead if that does not work.