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proliant 1600 partition resize?

Luke Hinds
Occasional Visitor

proliant 1600 partition resize?

Hi All,

I have been searching around looking for some more info on the
following. I Thought i would post here in the hope that someone has
already tackled a similar scenario.

I have just started at a firm with compaq proliant 1600 server with windows 2000 adv server
installed. This file server is currently running live and providing
mail and file services (its the domain controller).

The server has 5 18.6gb scsi drives (part of a smart array system) one
of the drives is ready to kick in on the failure of one of its peers.

There are currently two partitions C: & D: and M: (Which was created
by Exchange (not sure if this is some sort of virtual partition?!??!)

The C: partition now needs to be made larger so that service packs and
software upgrades can be installed.

So my question for the forum is how to resize my c: partition?

I am aware that upon rebooting the system there is a prompt to hit
for scsi utilities (from what i recall). I also have a smart start
and support software cd version 4.20 (which is bootable).

I cannot afford to just try stuff out as
this machine is the centre of the all network activity

Is there any way of changing partition size without disrupting or worse still losing data?

Any ideas gratefully recieved and thank you for your time.

Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: proliant 1600 partition resize?

M: is a virtual drive created by Exchange and not a physical disk partition.

There are 3rd party products like Powerquest Volume Manager ( which can resize NT drives.