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proliant 360 g6 + x5680 not start

Occasional Contributor

proliant 360 g6 + x5680 not start


I have: hp proliant 360 g6 and x5680


I updated from e5645 BIOS to the latest version and through SPP 10.16 (the latest SPP for Proliant g6) all to the latest versions. Further I insert x5680 but the server does not start, the speaker constantly peeps. What to do?

Occasional Contributor

Re: proliant 360 g6 + x5680 not start

Addressed an issue with the Intel Xeon Processor X5675, Intel Xeon Processor X5690, and Intel Xeon Processor X5687 where a rare and complex combination of data and environmental conditions may result in some instructions not executing properly causing unpredictable system behavior.


That is, on x5680 is everything ok? )) Once x5690 'works'

Actually it has already tried to flash, to the latest version - the problem is the same.I wrote about this in my first message.