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proliant 380 drives

Kees Vermijs
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proliant 380 drives

I want to switch the 3 drives on scsi port1 (raid 5) to another server, what choices do I take when booting and the server recognizes new drives???
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Re: proliant 380 drives

Moving drives between smart array controllers should work fine for the most part at the HW level as teh array configuration is on the HDD. The one thing you should take care of is the driver. Assuming that you are using the integrated smart array controller on the 380 and you move the drives to a 5th gen controller, everything will be fine at the HW level but you will not be able to boot into the os because the 5th get driver is not loaded. You want to have the driver loaded before the move.
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!