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proliant 5000-Processor Configuration Invalid -- error

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Occasional Advisor

proliant 5000-Processor Configuration Invalid -- error

I just tried to install a second processor in my proliant 5000. During boot up i got a
"178-Processor Configuration Invalid".
-DIP switches are set for the correct processors.
-tried switching processors, think stepping order might be wrong (is that is possible ?)

Currently running an evaluation of 2000 advanced server.
Checked windows help and tried to change settings to "Compaq multiprocessor....." ,now, not only do i get the 178 error, but 2000 adv. serv. hangs on start up.
Going to fix the O/S problem but what do I do with the "Processor config. invalid" problem?
Thanks, Chuck
Phillip Williams_2
Respected Contributor

Re: proliant 5000-Processor Configuration Invalid -- error


I'd guess at a Stepping problem.

I append a page from the service guide (available to download from...)

Which explains error message & suggested action.


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Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: proliant 5000-Processor Configuration Invalid -- error

Hello Chuck,
I have seen this error a few times and was fixed by running System configuration Utility. I am not sure if you have Smart Start 5.50 or not. But do download the SCU from the following link:

When you will run this utility you will be prompted that a previous boot had a CPU error has it been fixed?? Say 'YES' to that. Once you finish running this utility just save the settings and exit. Upon reboot this error should not be there. Please let me know as to how you make out.

Occasional Advisor

Re: proliant 5000-Processor Configuration Invalid -- error

I ran the configuration utility last night after I posted my question. That seemed to fix the problem with the CPU's. I have to reload my O/S though (made some changes that won't let windows boot) so I haven't been able to check the CPU's with the computer actually running yet.

Thank you both for the responses.