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proliant 5500 RILOE board problem


proliant 5500 RILOE board problem

proliant 5500
4x Xeon 500
2.3 Gb ram

i got a insight PCI card, but wasn't supported by windows 2003 so I tryed a RILOE card:

on both i have the problem that the system doesn't "see" them!

I only managed once to install the old remote insight card but the OS did't support it so i hat to remove it.

Now i'm trying a RILOE card 227925:
- smart start CD hardware section doesn't update the configuration with the RILOE neither the F10 procedure.

i tried installing the card on both 6 and 7 PCI slot with no success.

the server maintenance dip switch is set to off.

on the card only the first green led is lit up.

only once i got the card with all the green leds blinking togheter.

the card is powered with external PSU.

could someone help me ?



Re: proliant 5500 RILOE board problem

I forgot to mention that I can regularly install another PCI card on every slot, like a NIC or a USB controller... and it's updated by SmartStart or F10.