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proliant 5500 configure raid

Rob Mokkink

proliant 5500 configure raid


Today i received a proliant 5500 as a present.
Its an old server, but its oke to use only as iscsi target with linux.

So i got the server in place and put in an old smartstart 5.30 cd, unfortunaly i cannot see the array configuration utility, i also have no luck with the 5.50 version.

The raid controller in the server is a compaq smart-2 array controller.

Which version of smartstart would i need? To configure the raid set.
Gus Kwong
Respected Contributor

Re: proliant 5500 configure raid

In my experience, if it is smart-2 array controller then v.4.7 or older would be needed.

I would probably use System Config Util (floppy disks setup) and then set up the OS manually.

ps: please assign points accordingly
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Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: proliant 5500 configure raid

You should need 4.9 or earlier. I have a source of the rascal if you need one contact me at

Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: proliant 5500 configure raid

Which array controller do you have installed? I suspect the problem is that you don't have one. This server doesn't have one embedded and I'm not aware of any standard models which shipped with them.

Smart Start 5.3 should work fine in this server. I would recommend making sure the server has the latest fw/bios installed to be sure.
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Rob Mokkink

Re: proliant 5500 configure raid

The server has got a extra raid controller.
But its an old one.

I called the people how gave it to me and they siad they used smartstart 4.7

They don't have got the cd's anymore.

So i put raid controller from an old dell poweredge.

The server works fine now.