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proliant ML150G6

Eddy mwathi
Occasional Visitor

proliant ML150G6

I have a new server am trying to install w2k3 r2
using the Easy setup CD ver.2.00 that was supplied with the server but after complete installation the OS is getting installed on a 4 gb partition which is FAT file system n when and installing am clearly stating it to use NTFS file system on raid 1 which is 139 gb HDG can anyone help me???
have also downloaded Easy setup from hp and still the same issue

Re: proliant ML150G6

Please let us know these details.

Number of Hard Drives and Raid Configuration
Windows 2003 R2 and what is the integrated SP?
Have you tried installing W2K3 R2 without using Easy Setup CD?

Eddy mwathi
Occasional Visitor

Re: proliant ML150G6

2 HDD each 146 Gb configured to Raid1
Win 2k3 R2 sp2
I have tried without the Easy setup n it works but does not install all the drivers
Andras Ordogh
Valued Contributor

Re: proliant ML150G6

hello Eddy,

hmm, your secund post said:

"I have tried without the Easy setup n it works but does not install all the drivers"

what is the problem? you can install w2k3 without EasyCd, it's a supported methold.
after the install, just insert the your EasyCd and it will be autorun the drivers install.
after install it, you may check the latest driver on hp site (drivers than newer than EasyCd)
in exaple: latest EasyCd for 150g6 - 2.00b - 2009.08.20, but the lates nic driver 2010.11.13....
so afer install an os (with or without EasyCd) you have to check hp site for newer driver / firmware

here is ml 150 g6 / w2k3 (32 bit):