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proliant dl 360 g3, win95 dos primary partition limitation

byron wu
Occasional Visitor

proliant dl 360 g3, win95 dos primary partition limitation

With older DL360s, DL380G2&G3, I can create a 10GB primary [FAT] partition using a WIN95 boot disk prior to installing WIN2K.

I cannot with DL360G3, even after fiddling with 4GB / 8GB options in BIOS [F8].

Question: Why?

Question: How do I fix it? OR Do I have to re-write my script to use ExtendOEMPartition?

Note: In the short term I will use ExtendOEMPartion, but would still like to know why this functionality no longer exists with the newer / better server. Information only.

ps: I use WIN95 because Compaq CDEJECT.EXE utility (a part of my unattended installation batch/unattend.txt/SCRIPTIT.EXE script for running up WIN2K) works with WIN95, but I haven't had same success with WIN98. Information only.

btw: Having loud fan problem with two DL360's purchased last week (JULY 03) but haven't tried suggested firmware/ROMPaq yet. I will try new firmware soon. From what I have read, I am sure this will work. Information only.