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proliant dl585 G7 is running slow

Reuven Nissan
Occasional Visitor

proliant dl585 G7 is running slow

We have installed our website on the proliant DL585 G7 server and got some very slow results.

OS used is Windows Server 2008 R2.

After isolating the problem (making sure it's not the DB, by timing a simple loop on the machine) we have came to the conclusion that the system is 50% SLOWER THEN THE PREVIOUS server which was proliant DL380 G5 which was supposed to be much slower actually.

We are not sure if this should be on the Bios side, the OS side or any other issue.

Please Advise

Re: proliant dl585 G7 is running slow

Hi Reuven,

system performance depends on so many factors like storage controller, no of disks, amount of cache, raid level, memory, processor etc.. etc...

how exactly you are comparing the performance.. are you using any performance bench mark test... how did you come to know it is running slow..?

share the system configuration and facts which make you think that it is slow.

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Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: proliant dl585 G7 is running slow

Yes, please do that.

Please provide specs of both machines and details of what test(s) you ran.

Performance problems are hard to troubleshoot.

A LOT of details are required to be able to make any judgement.

Maybe this loop you are running is not equivalent of testing real system performance.
Do you have a 'real' test program that evaluates the system?

If you want to test the server, check out the diagnostics in the system management homepage or on the smartstart cd.
or iometer to check out the storage side etc.
maybe it's a network issue?? could be sooo many things.
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: proliant dl585 G7 is running slow

Did you upgrade the server from 2003 R2 to 2008 R2? Did you apply all the firmware and latest SmartStart patches to the server. Did you make any changes to the BIOS? What is your memory usage and CPU usage? 2008 R2 does require more resources. Is this a Active Directory server or a member server? Does DNS work properly? I have seen a faulty DNS server cause slowness issues?