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proliant ml 310 smart array controller not starting

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proliant ml 310 smart array controller not starting

after restarting .the server which is loaded with windows 2000 server which is having raid 0 mirror is not starting . also have one more hdd for data then i removed one hdd and restarted after several trails for a long time . i started and working fine . after building the array with same hdd it not starting up. when i checked the raid configuration there is two raids raid "one"
is with primary zero hdd only with 80 gb space and second raid zero with primay "one" hdd and secondary "zero" hdd(which is the data hdd) having 80+ 80 space. i dont want lose any data from both partition and also i want to set the raid ....?
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Re: proliant ml 310 smart array controller not starting

hi afzal,

the scenario you have written is not very understandable, the first thing is , RAID 0 is not a mirror, it is just a spanned strip set ( to make a single volume by combining 2 or more drives). secondly, it is not clear which disk you 've removed and from where, i mean, wether it is the disk from Raid 0 itself, or the data disk. please re explain the scenario with proper numbering of disks ( say, disk 0 for first disk, disk 1 for second disk and so on..)

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