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proliant ml180 g5

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proliant ml180 g5

I have windows server 2008 x64 SP1. And I have problems with: hp reset to device, \device\raidport0, was issued.

On screen i found writen: 1719-Slot z Drive Array - A controller failure event occurred prior to this power-up
(previous lock-up code = 0x####)

Press F1 with data restore or F2 with data lost.

If i press F1 windows can't start and say that it must be reinstalled.
If i press F2 windows accept data lost and try to rebuild raid.

And windows server 2008 LOG:

A drive failure notification has been received for the SATA physical drive located in bay 6. This drive can be found in box 1 which is connected to port 1I of the array controller P400 [Embedded]. The failure reason from the HP Smart Array firmware (5.26) is: WRITE_RETRIES_FAILED.

Allways server down and can't rebuild Raids. And I need to reinstall Windows that they go again.

I found on internet that need to be installed newest smart array p400 controller drivers i did it but today server again make down and logical drive from array B should be rebuilded.

I have
2 HDD for system 160GB Seagate mirror RAID 0
4 HDD for database 1TB seagate mirror and striping RAID 5
and 1 HDD for backup seagate.

Can some one help
Vulcan Maximus
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Re: proliant ml180 g5


I hope you are refering to DL180 g5.Also, steps you could try here would be to update firmware for BIOS and array controller and check for the same error.

You could use the following link for DL180 g5 running on win 2008 w32.

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Re: proliant ml180 g5

I already install this: Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array P400 and P400i (multi-part download)

Same thing.
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Re: proliant ml180 g5

OK I will put error diagnostic.
Mike Shisko_1
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Re: proliant ml180 g5

Hi, I had a very similar problem that i am currently working on. There is a customer advisory that recommends a firmware update for the 1TB HDD's. This particular customer is running Four 1TB SP/N 454273-001 HDD's. I updated the HDD's to HPG6 and we're waiting to see if it solves the problem. Check out this link, maybe it will help you out?: