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proliant support pack 8.30 for server 2003 x86 and MDT 2008


proliant support pack 8.30 for server 2003 x86 and MDT 2008

using MDT 2008 to deploy server 2003 and server 2008 to various HP proliant servers... I have been using the supplied .cmd file to deploy the proliant support packs with no problem until 8.30 on server 2003 x86. I add it as an 'application with source files' to the MDT workbench just as I always have but now the MDT task sequence fails with this message:

Application HP PSP_8-30_2k3_x86_Extracted returned an unexpected return code: 1

HP PSP_8-30_2k3_x86_Extracted is just what I named the PSP in MDT.

I'm confused because according to the cmd file return code of 0=failure, 1=success, 2=success but reboot is required, 3=no action was necessary. So why am I confused? well, 1=success, right? ok, those of you familiar with MDT are probably thinking just add 1 as a valid return code... well, this is like the 3rd version of PSP I'm deploying and I have never had this issue before? I never added 1 as a valid return code to MDT before? By default valid return codes to MDT apps are 0 or 3010, and by 'valid' I mean a code that means 'success'. So if 1=success, how come this never happened before? all my other PSP's were deployed successfully but MDT never complained about their return codes?

checking the log showed one item as 'not successfull', and that was the HP management agents because snmp is not installed on the server, so it is 'not supported on this system', but again, it never has been and MDT never complained about it in the past? I'm about to comment out the installation of that item to see if that is the problem, but even if it is, I'll still be scratching my head.

anyone have any input?