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"HP" Hard Drives and Caddies

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"HP" Hard Drives and Caddies


I'm looking at getting a DL185 G5 purely for backup/archiving, so will use 1TB drives.

Firstly, is it possible to get the hot-swap caddies seperately, as I can pickup non-HP 1TB drives for around £90, compared to HP ones at £385!

Secondly, what will HP say if I use non-HP hard drives, but still add-on a Care Pack.

Thirdly, can anyone explain how/why HP are getting away with charging nearly 4 times the price for their 1TB drives, considering they are simply re-branded drives from the likes of Seagate!

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Re: "HP" Hard Drives and Caddies

Caddies (Carriers) are not avaiable seperately.

HP warranty cover parts sold by HP.
HP Care pack cover parts sold by HP.
HP do not cover part not sold by HP.
Make sence, doesn't?

There is some minor changes i the drive fw, due to the monitoring.
When you purchase from HP, you will get the carrier, and it will be covered by the server warrenty / Carepack (On-site when applikable)
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Re: "HP" Hard Drives and Caddies

Hi, unfortunately you will not be able to get the "caddies" or HDD carriers or HDD trays or whatever name one would use. The reason why HP does not sell them separately is that all drives sold by HP have HP Firmware and were tested and certified to be compatible with teh server. Plus they have separate warranties.

Yes servers and HDDs have separate warranties.
SCSI HDDs 3 Year
SATA HDDs 1 Year
SAS HDDs 3 Year

This server support the following 1 TB HDD

HP 1TB 3G SATA 7.2K 3.5" MDL HDD 454146-B21
Please check the controllers limitations and maximum capacity per logical volume so you know which controller would be the best for you. The server supports for internal storage the following controllers.

Smart Array P800

Smart Array E200

Smart Array P400


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