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"Network Link Is Down" Repeatedly

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"Network Link Is Down" Repeatedly

In Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard Edition, SP2

Event ID: 4
Source: l2nd
Type: Warning
Description: HP NC373i: The network link is down. Check to make sure the network cable is properly connected

it happens every week, for about 25 seconds, then the connection is restores.

my version drivers:
Boot Code: 1.9.6
UMP: 1.1.6
iSCSI: 1.0.0 (the latest is 1.1.7)

should i update the iSCSI one ? or it has nothing to do ?

oh, by the way, our switch and routers and cables are working just fine, so, it's not that.

i read somewhere that maybe is the TCP Offload, and should it be disabled.

any ideas?

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Re: "Network Link Is Down" Repeatedly

The NC373i is wel knows for it's TCP offload issues. YOu could try disabling TOE but make sure you do this in both the registry and in the HP Network configuration utility. Do a search for the HP advisory on this subject.

Also, newer driver version enable a power save feature by default. Try disabling this setting.