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"POST Error: 1784-Drive Array Drive Failure" on a DL380 G3

Russell Stockhammer
Occasional Visitor

"POST Error: 1784-Drive Array Drive Failure" on a DL380 G3


While powering on my server during the POST test the server is hanging just before the the array controller loads. At this point it goes no further.

Apon more investivation in the iLO the following errors are reported:

POST Error: 1784-Drive Array Drive Failure
POST Error: 1789-Drive Not Responding, Physical Drive

I've tried removing all drives and restarting the server still hangs before the array controller loads.

I have not tried removing the array controller and seeing if the server loads, but that is because I don't know where the controller is located inside the server.

Is this problem solely located in the array controller or because it fails during POST also motherboard/BIOS related? How can I go about fixing this situation? Is the controller replacable? Does anyone have a rough idea how much this may cost me?