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"Unknown Hard Error" on ML530 G2 running Windows 2000 Server

Lee Foo Kwang
Occasional Visitor

"Unknown Hard Error" on ML530 G2 running Windows 2000 Server

We receive the "Unknown Hard Error" message popping up on the server (ML530 G2, part number: 306487-371) screen intermittenly. The OS keep posting the message on the screen after clicking the OK button on the message. The server becomes less and less responsive after date. We find no clue from the Windows System log and HP Integrated Management Log.

The HP Server Diagnostics Tool reports that "Adapter Not Installed" when testing the Smart Array 6402 sitting on PCI slot 3 (three) of the server and hard drives attached to it.

When testing the server using HP Insight Diagnostic (booting up the server using Smartstart for Server 6.40), the server hangs on testing the Smart Array 6402 and hard drives attached to it.

Even though they are failures in the above tests, the server can always boot into Windows 2000 Server successfully. The LED on all hard drives are normal.

The server has a processor, 1 GB Memory (2 x 512MB), a HP DDS4 internal drive, a SA6402, a NC6770 FC Gigabit Ethernet Controller, a RPS and Redundant fans. The System ROMPAQ for the server and firmware for the SA6402 are upgraded to the latest.

We have replace the SA6402 because initially we thought it was failed. With the replacement SA6402, we observe, when switch on the server, 2 of the diagnostic indicators on the SA6402 turn orange for a little while, then go off. Is it normal.

Any idea about the problem, please advice.

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Re: "Unknown Hard Error" on ML530 G2 running Windows 2000 Server

Hi Lee

Well the first thing to do is to ensure you have the latest bios & updates for the card & server. If that doesn't work then move the card to another slot (not slot 2, its not recommended by HP). The other thing to look at is to see if there are any messages in the event log. If all else fails update the management agents on the server.

I've looked on the HP site and can only come up with the error for a 5300 series controller.