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"accelerator board battery failure" error message

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Marcus Martin
Frequent Advisor

Re: "accelerator board battery failure" error message

The idea of a battery backup i think is that you could theoretically take your disks and card and insert them in another machine without losing raid information. If the battery dies and you need for what ever reason to move those disks into a different server the card will not retain information whilst being transported to a new machine.

Hope that answers your question.
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Neal Ferries

Re: "accelerator board battery failure" error message

The Batt is used to save the contents of the cache memory on the Array Acc. incase you have a power failure and there is still data in the cache which has Not been written to the Disk yet.
When the Batt is good it allows you to enable Write Cache and so speed up the Array / Disk , by writing the data from OS to the write cache , and then when the Array Controller is free it write the data from cache to the disks.
If you are doing lots of writing data then it will improve preformance.

Hope that Helps