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raid 5 ready for recovery

Occasional Contributor

raid 5 ready for recovery

I have 4 discs on raid 5 ( 3 + 1 spare ) on ml350

Hard disc on slot 0 , seems to be failed so i replaced it with another one. Restarted the server , pressed f1 etc. I also changed the priority of rebuilding to high

I have attached 2 photos from hp acu

To my knowledge,my next step should be : replace again the disc on slot 0 with an other one and the spare should automatically rebuild the new drive. Is that correct?




p.s. at the moment the server is really slow ( delegated mode? ) so unfortunatelly i cant get any back up at all ( it says 4-5 days just for 60 gb )



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Re: raid 5 ready for recovery

This is why you use raid-10 , it is that much faster during the restore process and usable!

Same rebuild with raid-10 would take a day tops for 2tb drive on a busy server without any impact to performance!
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Re: raid 5 ready for recovery

the thing is that rebuild is stuck at 0% for days ( waiting to rebuild )