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raid 5 to raid 1

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raid 5 to raid 1

Sorry if my english is not so good.


I have a DL385 G2 configured with 4 SAS 72Go in raid 5. There is 2 partition on it. The first one (C:\) has a capacity of 20Go and only 10Go used and Windows 2003 installed on it. The second (D:\) use the remaining space of the raid 5 and has only 50Go used for data and a program installed on it.


I would like to replace this 4 x 72Go disk in RAID 5 for 2 x 144Go disk raid mirror. I must keep 2 partitions but the D: partition can be reduce of size.


Some people know how can i achieve this easily and safely?


Thansk a lot in advance!