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raid 5

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raid 5

how to create array in hp server prolaint ml350

Re: raid 5

That depends on how old the server and the Smart Array controller is. And if you have got a Smart Array Controller.
Old servers - Use ACU (Array Configuration utility)
Older servers - Use ORCA (Option ROM configureble Adapter)
Later Servers - Auto configure, ORCA or ACU.

ACU - Boot on a smart start cd. Open the maintenance fan. Open the ACU.

ORCA - During Post hit F8 when prompted by the Smart Array Controller.

Auto configure - Put in unconfigured disks.
Power on server. Keep your hands away.

I can't remeber for sure, when the ORCA and the autoconfiguration was introduced.
Generation 1 and 2, use ACU only.
generation 5, may autoconfigure.
Beware, its the generation of Smart Array, not the server generation.


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Michael A. McKenney
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Re: raid 5

I would not do RAID 5 for OS or paging/swap files. Which ML350? Older ones had poor performance on RAID 5. I would look at RAID 1 or 10.