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raid fails when bad blocks are present.

Occasional Contributor

raid fails when bad blocks are present.

I have found a problem with our standard logical thinking (and HP training) regarding HP raid.

Scenario as follows:-

Standard raid 1 no hot spare.

Drive showed standard failed light (orange)
Replaced drive rebuild started.
Rebuild failed stating bad block on read.

The solution was as follows (after a lot of detective work).

Shut down machine fit original orange light failed drive ONLY
Power on machine and accept the default F2 option, this will self initiate after 30 seconds.
Let machine boot and check all okay (O/S boots as normal etc)
Put in new blank drive.
Open hp system management and check logical drive(s) is/are re-building.
You should now be okay.

The reason for this is the drive originally failed as HP Raid could not mirror a bad block, and the system reports incorrectly a failed drive.

I know this is unusual situation but i have now seen it twice,

I have no idea what would happen with raid 1 with Hotspare or raid 5. Only suspicions

has anyone had this on a raid 1 with hot spare or raid 5 system?

what was the resoloution?