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re-install NT 4.0 Server

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

re-install NT 4.0 Server

Dear all:

We have an old ProLiant 1500 server,it used as a PDC. Since we already got new server machine for PDC, so this ProLiant 1500 will will be change into Printer or Mail server!

I don't have experience individually set up Proliant 1500 before, from my supervisor's advice, it seems set up procedures too complicated. Can anybody give me a hand and let know:
1) What should I prepare for set up this ProLiant 1500(all user manual and set up disk or CD have gone);
2) What patch file or "Smart set up file" should I download, also where;
3) Tell me the basic protocol to set this ProLiant 1500;

I am apperciated any advice and help!