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re : upgrading of smart array p400 to p410

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re : upgrading of smart array p400 to p410

Hi Guys,
Can anyone advice, I have an existing HP proliant Dl580 install with smart array p400 and 1 cage. Currently , the cage is full and I need to add more disk . The P400 only have 256MB cache which I can only support one cage , so I need to replace it with smart array P410 which can support 2 cage , but will the existing raid config be intact or I can migrate it from 1 smart array to the second???

Please advice.

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Zygmunt Krawczyk
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Re: re : upgrading of smart array p400 to p410

You don't need to make any migration. HP Smart Arrays has the capability of "drive roaming", so you can replace the controller and the configured logical drives on HDDs will be preserved. Read "Drive Roaming" at page 6 in the doc

HP Smart Array controller technology