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recover failed logical drive

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

recover failed logical drive

We have a failed logical drive in a DL380 server .
As we do before some software changes we shut down the server and removed a drive ( to have it as a backup ) .
When rebooting we pressed the F2 to fail the drive and continue
But the server doesn't come up as usual , instead it tried to boot from lan ...

So we started again as saw that the Array has failed the logical drive ( we had it mirrored ) .

So we have a phisical drive which should have the data but the controller doesn't let it start

How can we reenable it ?
Valued Contributor

Re: recover failed logical drive

He cannot boot from LAN except you change boot setting.
Otherwise, he cannot jump to LAN boot if he see controller.

Or your raid settings are failed and he cannot see logacal drive at all?

And that meaning that rather than one drive is faile or raid array is failed due to drives failed exceeded.

I don't know, maybe you could better explain situation.

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

Re: recover failed logical drive

The situation , at the moment , improved in the sense that I can boot with the disk.

However the problem was that the array failed tough it shouldn't and set the logical drive in failing state .

I did a firmware upgrade of the SA 5i , and tried this

- inserted the 2 disks ( even if they were not aligned )
- let the controller enable the Array again and shut down the server before the OS started loading .
- removed one disk
- booted the server
- pressed f2 to fail the drive

the os booted

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

Re: recover failed logical drive

see the post