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recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

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recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

I have a problem with recovering of operating system on dl 320s 3TB.
I wanted to rebuild RAID and stupidly fully deleted the factory raid with "DON'T ERASE" drives.
there was not any information (server is new) and i must not restore any files from DATA logical drive.
And now i try to recovery OS with factory raid (raid 1 as system, and RAID 6 ADG).
i created a new logical volume (disks 1 and 2) then boot from System Recovery DVD which gives me an answer:

HP ProLiant DL320s Storage Server
System Installation and Recovery
This ProLiant Storage Server model is not supported by this QuickRestore DVD.

So, how can i proceed to restore the system?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

anybody, please suggest. what can i do in this situation?
Louis Henninger_1
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Re: recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB


If server is new, contact HP to log a service call. They should help you with either different DVD/CD's or provide documentation (or link)for restore.

Good luck,

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Re: recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

yes, i have done the same way.
the only problem was the necessity to enter PID in BIOS.
Thank you Louis for your response.
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Re: recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

I had the same issue, OS became corrupted after the client pushed the wrong Backup Exec Agent to the device.
We called HP Support and they were unable to confirm if the Data Array would remain untouched by the rebuild in fact after they consulted with another technician we were told that we would loose the data array completely!

As the instructions are not clear as to how to recover from such an issue I chose simply to unplug drives 3-12 the Raid 6 Data array.

Rebooted with the DVD inserted, the system reported that the Raid 6 array had failed and simply continued to rebuild drives 1&2 the OS Mirror.
When finished I simply shut the system down replugged all the array drives and it all came back online.

The rebuild was entirely automatic as it uses Ghost to reimage the OS from the DVD.
The whole rebuild took approximately 2 hrs from start to finish.
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Re: recovery OS on dl 320s 3TB

Is there any way to resolve this? I also have a completely formatted DL320s that I need to rebuild. I downloaded the latest recovery DVD image for the DL320s and attempted to boot it. I got the "not recognized as a storage server" message and it rebooted. I also attempted to put a volume for the C: drive and a volume with the name of "Don't Erase" in to see if it would work but no dice.

The product ID is set correctly in the BIOS.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.