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red screen ProLiant SE326M1

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red screen ProLiant SE326M1



Have the problem with "red screen"

HP ProLiant SE326M1 G6

How can I get to bios again? "Red Screen" hinders me from going into BIOS!

Tried clearing CMOS, without success...


If you have a good advise for me please reply!!!

Thanks a lot!

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Re: DL380 G6 'Red Screen'

jackalfred you are flooding the forum with "me too" posts - some for a DL180 G6 and some for a DL380 G6.
Not sure what you have ...
However, a red screen may appear during OS boot, but you enter the BIOS (F9) BEFORE the OS starts ... so I really don't know what your problem is.
Consider to open your own thread and provide some details, please.

Hope this helps!

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