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redhat linux + hp 6 port sata raid controller and dl360 g4 RAID1

Osama Odeh_1
Regular Advisor

redhat linux + hp 6 port sata raid controller and dl360 g4 RAID1

we install 2 hdd SATA 80 GB with hp 6 port sata raid controller
and we create array as raid1 on BIOS
also we install redhat AS 3.0 with driver for sata Raid and every thing ok

when we try the following to test raid1:
1 shutdown the server
2 remove the second HDD then try to boot
but when we reinsert the second HDD again array failed appear befor os launch
and cannot boot

3after inser second disk then we go to ADAptec RAID bios
and press ctrl + A and chhose manage array
and press ctrl + R (build/restore)
the raid status changed from fialed to optimal
then it working again with linux

** 4 after that we remove the second disk while server running linux
but amessage "read only.... " appear when we try to creat folder or files or modify
on server (this problem appear also with CENTOS OS )

after we restart the server
we press enter accept
but cannot boot OS then we go to bios and accept changed configuration and status changed to degraded but also cannot boot linux

we only boot if we add the second disk and choose ctrl+ R(build /restore) on bios

** the conclusion :
a- we cannot start server with one disk if one disk fail
b- if one disk fail then we cannot write anything to server then our applications not wrking
c- we need to manualy rebuild raid1 if this happend on night; wich is not like SCSI disk(when add scsi disk auto rebuild performed)

any suggestion please