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remove admin password

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remove admin password

Dear Sir;
I put admin password for RBSU HP ProLiant DL360 G5 Server, 8 charcter, and give me password is successfully installed
but I tried to enter using this password give me massage invalid password try again
how can I remove this password?
Please I need your reply as soon as possible because I made disable for all ubs port from setup utility,
aslo if you have method to remove it without openning the server.
thank you very much
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Re: remove admin password

Hi Mona,

According to the RBSU User Guide I have, the admin password has a maximum of 7 characters and it can be disabled. Try using only 7 characters from the password you used initially to see if that works (remove the last character.

Here is a quote from the user guide:-
The Set Admin Password option sets a password to control access to the administrative features of the
server. The Set Admin Password option is a simple character string with a maximum of seven characters.
To disable or clear the password, enter the password followed by a / (slash) when prompted to enter the

I hope this helps,