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replace drive in raid 5 in dl380 g7

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replace drive in raid 5 in dl380 g7


I've got a dl380 g7 and one of the drives is flashing amber but also flashing green. It means that the drive is still working but will fail soon. I have 6 drives in this raid with one spare.


My questions is:


When I will remove the drive it will automatically take the spare drive and begin reconstructing it right?

Do I have to wait until the reconstruction is finished to put a new drive in or not?


Thank you.

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Re: replace drive in raid 5 in dl380 g7

Since nobody's answered yet, I'll take a guess.


I *think* that since you have a hot-spare assigned to the array, it will start rebuilding on there, and even though you'll replace the failing drive right away, it might keep on rebuilding onto the spare before it rebuilds onto the replacement drive.


That's my guess... by now you may have already done it so I'm curious how it actually worked. :)