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reset BIOS password

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reset BIOS password

Hi all

I have about 10 nx9005 laptops back from their owners (Teachers) and nobody knows the bios password and they were set before I joined the school ICT support team. I have to rebuild and redistribute to new teachers

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance.

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: reset BIOS password

btw, this is HP servers forum...

anyway, this could work, try and let us know:

situation: NX9005 user and supervisor password and enabled "Password on boot".
Press F2 to get into bios. System asked "Enter password".
Press F12, got "System Hash Code".
Call to Hp support and (you have to prove you are the owner of the computer.
Then you get a master password and could reset all passwords. :-))

It is possible you must reach the right person in HP knowing and understanding "System Hash Code".