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reset light out login and password

Occasional Contributor

reset light out login and password

how can i reset login and password for Lights-Out on DL360 G2 or how can i disable Lights-Out

with out login and password

thank you
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: reset light out login and password

Hello Salingue,
This is how it's done:

The iLO Security Override Jumper allows emergency access to the administrator with
physical control of the server???s system board. Setting the iLO Security Override Jumper
allows login access, with all privileges, without a user ID and password.
To set the iLO Security Override Jumper:
1. Power down the server.
2. Remove the server from the rack.
3. Remove the server access panel.

4. Locate the three pins of J29 and move the jumper from the front and center pins to the
center and rear pins to override password security. J29 is to the front of the 30 pin
Remote Insight Connector.
5. Replace the server access panel and put the server back into the rack by reversing steps 2
and 3.
6. Press the Power/On Standby switch to power on the server.
7. Logon to the iLO and reset the passwords.