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resetting bootup password on ML370

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Gerard Kilburn
Occasional Visitor

resetting bootup password on ML370

I want to change the bootup password on my Proliant ML370 - I know the existing password, how do I change it? Also, how do I actually get into the cmos setup on this beast?


Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: resetting bootup password on ML370

I take it this is a ML370 G1? In order to change the password, also to get into the setup, press F10 when it prompts you to, after post. If you don't get this prompt, then I would either:
A. Boot off the Smart Start CD and select to configure the hardware.
B. Boot off the floppies created from SP19619, available from:
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: resetting bootup password on ML370

Hi Gerard;

The server has a maintenance switch on the systemboard that will either enable or disable a boot-up password when used.

You will find the location of that switch on the inside cover of your server.

If you have an ML370 G1, you access the BIOS with an F10 prompt presuming the utility is installed on the hard drives; otherwise you can boot off of a SmartStart CD and run the System Configuration Utility. It can also be run from floppy with the downloaded pack from

For the ML370 G2 or G3 you can access the BIOS with an F9 at bootup for the Rom-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)


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