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reuse 370 hard drives

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reuse 370 hard drives

I am replacing my 18GB drives with new ones in an ML 370 G3 and was curious if there was some way to reuse them on my desktop pc, they are 15K drives and would make a pretty fast RAID 0 drive array! So I am thinking I would need some kind of external powered housing and a scsi card, does such a device exist? Or is there some other way?
Oleg Koroz
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Re: reuse 370 hard drives

If time no problem for you, try to build small external powered box for up to 6 drives, use U3 LVD cage and optional power supply or go with storage box, also can be done as tower.
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Re: reuse 370 hard drives

You can add them internally to you desktop. You will need an 80pin to 68pin converter, a few bucks, SCSI320 cable and a SCSI320 adapter and bingo. Adaptec makes a great single channel U320 RAID adapter you can get pretty cheap for only RAID 0 or 1.
Hot Swap Hard Drives
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Re: reuse 370 hard drives


could you please mention the partnumber of the converter (80pin to 68pin)which you are talking off.


Re: reuse 370 hard drives


Check out the converters at the following URL

I believe this is what your need, or you can get backplanes for the drives that fit five drives into three 5.25 bays:

Or you can get individual U160 trays that fit in 5.25 bays.
With these, you won't need the converters.

BTW, I dont' work for these folks, but have found them to be a good source for SCSI components.