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sas card

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sas card

i have a ml150,g3 server which is giving the following error: Adaptor malfunctioning: The sas card does not support the hard disks but it is recognized during POST but gives the error: 02a2 bmc error log full. I have upgraded both the system board and SAS card firmware but still the hard disks are not seen.
Has anyone out there got a clue how i can proceed?

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Re: sas card

try the following:

Boot the server and press the F10 key when prompted to run BIOS Setup.
Select the "Advanced" menu.
Scroll down to "IPMI" and press the ENTER key
Scroll down to the System Event Log and press the ENTER key.
At the "Clear System Event Log" selection, press the ENTER key to toggle between "Enable" and "Disable."
Select "Enable."
Press the F10 key to Save the changes and exit the BIOS Setup