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scsihd: retry event request

walt zschirnt
Occasional Visitor

scsihd: retry event request

I have an ML370 with the embedded smart array controller. I am attempting to add another 18.2gb drive to the existing array. The server - NW 4.11 - restarts and the array expansion started but is giving me "SCSIHD: Retry Event Request 2D9D9A" messages. The server boot up does not go any further, but just gives more of the above errors. The hex numbers at the end of the message change.

This is an older array controller that CPQONLIN.NLM won't work with, so we ran the array config program from the SmartStart cd to add the drive to the array. The server has been rebooted several times to get SmartStart to run and the config program won't start up now. Each time the controller states that it is resuming the expansion. I have green blinking disk lights but no blinking arrows (if that makes sense to you).

Bad drive? Bad controller? Any hope for this mess??

Thanks for your time.
Johann Villalba_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: scsihd: retry event request

do you try to update to the latest ROMPaq on the controller and on the ML370?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: scsihd: retry event request


Please, as suggested intall the latest firmware and BIOS. Then if possible do the same offline any confgiuration changes you are doing it can be done online for safer side do it offline, then check it.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
walt zschirnt
Occasional Visitor

Re: scsihd: retry event request

Bios and firmware upgrades didn't help.

Went down several dead-ends with HP techs and finally let the 'expansion' run all night. Next morning it was apparent it had done nothing. Config program still locked up.

Got another tech that seemed to know more about it, but still no luck.

Re-built the server last night. Blew away the array in the bios and it works great now.

Cutting grass for the highway dept looks pretty good right now.

Oh well.