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server Queries

Syed Abuzar Zaidi
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server Queries

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have HP prolient ML350 G3 server ,I have upgraded my ram from 2GB to 4Gb after doing this my server become very slow comparitivli then 2 gb .Could you tell me that is problem . I have scanned my server with escam anti virus I did not get any virus in my server .
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Re: server Queries


my recommendations are:

1. Clear NVRAM (see attached picture)

- Power down the server.
- Remove the server cover.
- Locate the System Maintenance(see attached picture), position 6, and move the switch to the "On=Clear NVRAM" position.
- Power the server back on until Power-On Self-Test begins.
- After POST has started, power-cycle the server off.
- Move the System Maintenance Switch back to the "Off" position.
- Replace the server cover and power on the system. The server will boot normally.

2. and apply latest firmware CD 8.0 booting server using this CD.

to update all components and mainly the System ROM

let us know results


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!