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server restart


server restart

hi all,

please anyone has an idea about that, i have 2 DL servers one is used as files server and the other one as exchange 2003, from 2 months when i shutdown the file server it restarts alone and now i have the same problem on the exchange server.

i scanned the servers with symantec and Mcafee but no virus.

help please

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: server restart

If yo have the HP Agents etc. installed try going to the HP Integrated Management Log Viewer (under Programs via one of the HP entries) and seeing if there's anything in the IML.

At a guess heat or similar and the server is doing an ASR.

Re: server restart

hi again,

i have the same problem on both servers do you think that i need to do a firmware update and how can i do that??

i dont think it's virus prob.

in the IML there is ni error concerning that.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: server restart


Can you please explain clearly, what the problem is ...

Are you saying that you deliberately shutdown the server, and that it started back up automatically ?

The exact server model would be useful to know too...



Re: server restart


i have 2 DL380, one is used as file server and the other one as Mail server.

both are Win 2OO3 server.

2 months before the file server always restart when i shutdiwn it and now the mail do the same thing. so i am not able to shutdown both server and i do shutdown them manually

Thx for ur help