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server's shut down


server's shut down




I need to prove that might be a problem for servers when they  shut down in an abnormal way, for example, fault current.

I've done some research on the net, but I did not find a credible document showing that there are risks for the hardware and software.Do you know any?



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Re: server's shut down

Hi Friend maybe you can check a troubleshooting Guide For Servers .

This kind of workaround you must idenfy by the OS envet log also using diagnotisc reports as HP Insight Diagnotic report online version , By IML Log
Also ocnfiguring the management port ILO to monitor your hardware some customer have the HP IRS or HP SIM and working with HP agents and MIb´s by SNMP , WBEM , WMI or AMS protocols they can generete a real time log and warn´s you about the current issue . page 37 page 31


Some kind of servers you got a smart array battery or Flash Battery that avoid the system corruption , in a large scale of Storage System you got a system that protects you from something that can crash your system .


Its important we know the HP Server Model that you have than we can provide the right way to take your doubt .




Flávio Moreira 

HP Employee 

I´m HPE Employee

Re: server's shut down

Olá Flávio


O servidor em questão é um HP ProLiant DL380 G7 com um Smart Array P410i Controller.

Entendo quando refere que  a bateria da controladora arry  evita uma corrupção do sistema, nos termos, que se falhar a corrente e o servidor se desligar incorrectamente,  ela mantém os dados no cache por tempo suficiente para serem mais tarde tratados quando o servidor arrancar de novo.


E quando um servidor se desliga anormalmente devido a uma falha de corrente, o que pode acontecer aos ficheiros do windows que estavam abertos e em execução? E aos componentes electrónicos do servidor?


Com este post, pretendo saber se é uma boa práctica, usa smart-ups externas que quando ficam em bateria, dão indicações aos servidores para fazerem um clean shutdown.




Vou traduzir agora por respeito ao forum:


hello Flavio
The server in question is an HP ProLiant DL380 G7 with a Smart Array P410i Controller.
I understand when you  say that the battery of the arry controller prevents system corruption, under which if the power fails and the server shut down incorrectly, it keeps the data in the cache long enough to be later treated when the server started up again .

And when a server goes off abnormally due to a power failure, what can happen to the Windows files that were open and running? And the electronic components from the server?
With this post, I pretend to know if it is a good practice, to use external smart-ups, wich when in battery for a certain time, give directions to the servers to make clean shutdowns.


Best Regards