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servers DL380G3

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servers DL380G3

Write please, than power units with p/n 313054-b21 and p/n 313299-001, for servers DL380G3 differ?
What range of feeding voltage in them is used?
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Re: servers DL380G3

It`s same PSU, but 313054-b21 product with
power cord, and 313299-001 spare, w/o cord.
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Re: servers DL380G3

And why then such difference in the price 313054-B21 costs ~60 $, and 313299-001 costs ~35 $?

Can because of distinction in support of voltage of a feed (in America 110Ð , in the Europe 220Ð ) or the power unit 313299-001 works only from a direct current?
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Re: servers DL380G3


As Dmitry points out :-

313054-B21 is the Option (sales) Part number for the power supply. If you order this part from HP through a reseller it comes with a power cord and documentaion to install it.

313299-001 is the Spare (service) Part number used for servicing and replacing faulty parts under warranty by engineers.
If you wanted to order this part number you would probably use HP Partsurfer.

The power supplies inside each of these boxes are identical.

They are also auto-sensing (110-240V AC) and will work in USA and Europe. They are not DC power supplies.

I hope this helps.