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setting ILO remotely

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setting ILO remotely

Is it possible to set the ILO of a DL server in particular Gen8/ILO4 via arp?

we don't have DNS
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Re: setting ILO remotely

I've never tried that with iLO (last time I did that was with an APC device)... it may work.


If you already have Windows on there, the lights out config util run locally will let you assign an IP.


I think you were saying you don't have DHCP, but you could try setting up a machine on the auto-assign subnet (169.254/16) and find the IP the iLO chose for itself.


I'm assuming this is a remote machine and you don't have physical access, otherwise F8 at bootup would be ideal. :)


Whenever I get a new server, I annoy my co-workers by getting it running on my desk first, just long enough to assign an IP and change the default password... if there was some solid way of installing it into a rack with no DHCP or even a KVM, and still assign it an IP and get in using the built-in password, that would probably make my co-workers happy.


Even still, I like to have it on my desk for the first few boots to make sure all my memory is working, no weird beeps, all the drives spin up, etc.  It's hard in some colocations to find a decent keyboard/video/mouse to borrow, and we don't generally keep our own in the cabinet just due to space... I tend to avoid those nasty shared crash-carts when possible. :)  But I'm digressing.