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setting up vmware with 4x dl360 g6?

Occasional Advisor

setting up vmware with 4x dl360 g6?



We are utilising vmware accelerator pack with 8 processor license and thinking of setting up the vm infra with 4x dl360 g6, each of 2 processor.


To my knowledge, we will need SAN switch and storage array/SAN using FC. For storage array, we are thinking of using multiple 2U (which hold 12 3.5" harddisks each) to setup the entire SAN.


Can someone recommend roughly how such a setup is achievable in terms of HA? What is the minimum components to get? And SAN switch/storage array are advisable? We wish to extend our storage in terms of 2Us and also processor to maybe 16 in the near future.


Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: setting up vmware with 4x dl360 g6?


to have running HA cluster, you need storage visible to all servers in HA cluster. Firs of all, check this: and storage config guide at


Then you have 3 options:

FC SAN (probable best and most expensive)

ISCSI SAN (probably enough fast for your enviroment -

Now you can even use NSF for VMware HA (


Choose best storage according your budget and needs. If you do not have FC SAN infrastructure yet, maybe try basic 10Gb ISCSI.



mark q
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Re: setting up vmware with 4x dl360 g6?

There are several solutions.


as stated below fiber channel is the best (and most expensive)


You can build it with iscsi, das or nfs all will work if this is a lab I would use iscsi / nfs.


for nfs

- openfiler (limited use free)

- freenas (free)


for iscsi

starwind iscsi server is nice (and free)


the biggest thing on those hosts #1 above all else is memory, the more the better.