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slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

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slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

I'm investigating putting SCSI into a DL320G2 that our LUG had donated.

But they come with the Remote Management card; and we need that too.

From what little I can find, the RM card shall consume the sole PCI slot. But there is mention of a "slotless SCSI card" as well. What's not clear is what that really gets us.

a) Part #'s...
I see mention of the following PN's:



Are these the same board?

b) Do they fit in the slotless port leaving the other free for the remote management?

c) The board appears to be a single port, internal. But we need an external port; is there a cable extender included or possible or...?

Links to docs on both the SCSI and RM cards welcomed
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Re: slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

According to partsurfer.hp.com (the HP part number lookup service, very useful!), these numbers refer to essentially the same board: the -B21 number refers to a kit that includes the board + an appropriate SCSI cable, while the -001 number is a spare part number for the board only.


Yes; the image makes it pretty obvious.

Sorry, it looks like there is simply no place to put the external SCSI connector, other than the PCI slot. And if that's occupied by the RM card, you're out of luck.

Here's a link to the Maintenance and Service Guide for your server: it includes information on the SCSI card too.

Here's a link to QuickSpecs information of your server. It includes a lot of part numbers which might be helpful:

According to QuickSpecs, the RM card is RILOE-II. Unfortunately it looks like HP has already started to remove its documentation from their support webpages. However, Google can find a copy at:

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Re: slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

a) Thanks for the partsurfer link; I had Googled the numbers to no useful outcome. I was pretty sure b) was the case but not 100%.

The RILOE-II doc will be useful to the person doing the configuration. I had spent several hours bumbling around seeking such. Everything I found was newer, and didn't seem to apply.

I hope the card came with the weird cables we'll need or we'll be looking for the pinout to copy.

c) Is the bummer; I found other mentions of SCSI cards in the docs but it was unclear which was what. I can see possibilities such as trimming the RILOE-II card's paddle to leave a slot that would pass a flat SCSI cable. It need not be pretty.
For every complex problem, there's one simple easy, answer...the wrong one.
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

I would not do external SCSI drives except in an enclosure like the MSA 1000. My older ML 370 G2 did have U320 SCSI onboard that we used with the MSA 1000 enclosure. I was always afraid of the SCSI cable having issues like with my external tape drives.
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Re: slotless SCSI in DL320G2, confusion

We have several SAN type boxes. They have 8 ATA drives, internal RAID, and appear to be a SCSI drive to the computer. That's why we need a SCSI port.

For every complex problem, there's one simple easy, answer...the wrong one.