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smart array p440ar drive swap

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smart array p440ar drive swap

Hi All

P440ar documentation I've managed to find isn't really helpful so maybe the community will be able to guide me.

I have ProLiant DL350 G9 with P440ar, two LD: 1) RAID10 on SAS HDD 2) RAID1 2 SATA HDD.
I need to replace old SAS HDDs with 4x SATA SSD. Is it possible to replace SAS drives one by one with SATA SSD? When I pulled out first SAS and replaced with SATA SSD, the controller said that drive failed. But same drive plugged in another bay is recognised and can be used with this controller.

Is possible to replace SAS drive with SATA or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

What another way can I replace RAID10 SAS array with RAID10 SATA SSD? The array I want to migrate contains Windows Server (bare metal).


Re: smart array p440ar drive swap

Hi jenjay ,

You can use a combination of SAS and SATA hard drives running on the same controller, you cannot mix them in the same array.
This means that if the SAS hard drives are configured together in any sort of array, you would need to replace that SAS hard drive with an identical SAS hard drive.

If you need to install new SATA SSD in the server ,then you need to create the new array with new SATA SSD .

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