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smart start

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

smart start

I am having trouble running smart start on an 1850R using a 431 raid controller. The smart start version I am using is her 4.90. Smart start boots up fine and I am able to perform and assisted installation initially. I go through the process of configuring the array and the logical disk. When it finishes creating the system partition and reboots, it is then that I get a unrecoverable error code 45. It goes on to tell me that I have to erase the system and run smart start again.

I've upgraded the firm ware on the raid controller to 1.18 thinking maybe this might resolve it. I have not tried a previous version of smart start. Couldn't find a previous version.

I can however after the error message go ahead and install windows 2000 by inserting a ad and booting to the setup. But I need to install NT4 and the installation does not recognize the 431 controller.

Any info on how to resolve is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: smart start

reduce your system ram to base memory and then run erase and reinstall..the error will not come up after has to do with smartstart and how it pages to memory during its install is designed to be used with default ram settings
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