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smart start

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

smart start

I am able to install a Compaq partition on to my hard disk from floppy diskette but I am not able to start the Smart Start CD V4.9. It sees the hard disk on host adapter 0 and then loads the ide cd-rom driver. It then tries to load the aspi driver for dos to begin the installation and it comes up with "unable to find any aic-7889" "aspicpq.sys installation failed"

The 3000 has two internal SCSI adapters. I am using SCSI host 0 connected to one Compaq SCSI drive (scsi id 0). SCSI host 1 has no drives attached to it. We also has a PCI smart-2dh raid controller which I have disconnected from the raid array at this time. We have no adaptec controllers.

Any help would be appreciated.