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smartarray 5i... moving a mirror drive?


smartarray 5i... moving a mirror drive?

I have a couple DL585's, each with two internal drives in a raid-1 config...

the first one came with the drives in bays c1d0 and c1d1. the 2nd one came with the drives in bays c0d0 and c1d0 which is a better config IMHO due to splitting the operations across the two SCSI channels (the bays on both are set for duplex)....

the first system is running RHEL3 on this internal raid1, and has cpqacuexe running on it.

so, I pulled the c1d1 drive, causing a raid fault (as I expected), and tried to plug it into c0d0. oops, with the fault pending, I couldn't designate the 'new' drive as a spare. $#$#@@. so I took a spare drive, installed it as the original c1d1, and waited for the mirroring to complete, then designated the c0d0 as the spare, and pulled c1d1 again. it mirrors to the spare as expected. BUT, its still treating this as a spare, and its still showing a fault because c1d1 is missing.

how can I redesignate the c0d0 as the 'real' mirror and convince it to forget c1d1 is part of the raid? I can't see anyway of doing this via the ACU web interface. Will the Array Diagnostic let me do that? Is there some other way?

Andy McCreath
Frequent Advisor

Re: smartarray 5i... moving a mirror drive?

Simplex or Duplex on the backplane?

Re: smartarray 5i... moving a mirror drive?

its duplex.

by cNdM I mean channel N bay M. on the DL585, from left to right, I'm designating the 4 bays...

c1d0 c1d1 c0d0 d0d1

again, originally, my two drive mirror was c1d0 and c1d1, and I wanted to move the mirror to c1d0 c0d0, so I designated c0d0 as a spare, then failed c1d1 so it would mirror to the spare... this worked, however, its still in a 'failed' state and won't let me remove the nonexistant c1d1 from the raid.

Re: smartarray 5i... moving a mirror drive?

so, again.... can I move a drive of a raid1 to a different bay on the same controller?

with other raids I've used in the past, if you fail a member of a raid 1, then designate a new drive as the replacement, it mirrors to the new drive, and it stays there.

with the SmartArray, I have to designate a spare BEFORE removing a drive, then after its mirrored to the spare, it remains a 'active spare', and the old bay remains a 'failed drive', and there's no way to convert that to the new 'good' configuration.

am I missing something here? What would happen if I powered down, moved drives around and booted back up? Would it recognize the old RAID in new bays, and reconfigure and be happy?